Outdoor Classroom

 Capital Governorate Bahrain, TalentFreeFlow
 Bahrain and UK
Community, Sustainability

Creating opportunities for children to discover fresh organic food, to become better stewards of the Earth, and develop self-confidence, discipline and skills in collaborating with others, both locally and globally.

The ‘Outdoor Classroom’ project, together with Capital Governorate’s ‘Green Capital’ project, aims to raise community awareness of environmental issues, produce greenfriendly institutions and businesses, promote general greenery in the country, starting with the capital, Manama. The project will provide university level guidance in planning an ‘Outdoor Classroom’ space, and support to build and maintain these within respective schools. The ‘Outdoor Classroom’ partnership with the UK will provide a platform for exchange programmes, nurturing the growth and adoption of sustainable ideas globally, creating solidarity and enduring friendships between youths thousands of kilometres away.


  • Raise community awareness of environmental issues and of the impact individual and community behaviour change can make; inspire people into action
  • Encourage sustainable thinking amongst youth and communities; nurture the next generation of responsible citizens
  • Inspire learning by doing; opportunities to gain experience and transferable skills by engaging with various aspects of sustainability – environmental, social and economic, including project management skills, such as planning, presenting, negotiating, PR and marketing, fundraising and budgeting
  • Offer access to accredited courses, internationally recognized awards / qualifications
  • Co-create local food growing initiatives primarily within urbanized areas of Bahrain
  • Promote healthy eating
  • Foster an appreciation for beauty and the complexity of nature
  • Enable Communities to work together and manage resources sustainably
  • Allow communities to build knowledge and understanding of each other
  • Promote multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration